caregiver helping elderly womanAlars Home Health, LLC ensures that all services rendered are under the supervision of the patient’s physician.

Skilled Nursing

  • Conducts comprehensive nursing assessment and evaluation to determine the specific skilled nursing need of the patient
  • Establish a patient specific plan of care in collaboration with the physician that addresses the patient’s nursing need and problems.
  • Provides direct skilled nursing care or instruction to patients and their caregivers in the home setting that includes but not limited to
    • Disease management and teaching
    • Post surgical care
    • Wound care, wound vacuum and pressure ulcer care
    • Medication management and administration (I.V., IM injection)
    • Foley Catheter care, Colostomy /Ileostomy care
    • PT/INR and Coumadin monitoring
    • Blood draw and specimen delivery to the laboratory
    • Post-surgery and post-hospitalization care
  • Performs home safety evaluation

Physical Therapy

  • Performs comprehensive therapy evaluation of the patient under a physician order.
  • Establish an appropriate therapeutic plan of care that addresses the patient’s physical and functional problems.
  • Increase function and mobility through the use of therapeutic activity and instruction such as therapeutic exercises, home exercise program (HEP), gait and transfer training, range of motion (ROM) exercises, etc.
  • Maintain or increase joint mobility, muscle strength and physical endurance
  • Instruction on the proper use of assistive equipment and devices such as wheelchair, walker, cane, crutches, transfer chair, etc.
  • Provides assessment of the living environment and recommend adaptations to eliminate architectural barriers.

Occupational Therapy

  • Performs comprehensive occupational therapy evaluation of the patient under a physician order.
  • Conducts medically prescribed Occupational therapist programs for patients to restore function and prevent disability following disease, injury, or loss of a body part
  • Helps the patient reach maximum performance within the limits of his/her capabilities
  • Assists the patient in increasing their independence in activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, eating and mobility skills.
  • Prescribes appropriate adaptive equipment to maintain or increase functional independence or mobility and assess the safety of equipment currently being used by the patient.

Medical Social Work

  • MSW provides direct and indirect social and psychosocial services to clients in the home and community setting under the supervision of the physician
  • Conducts comprehensive assessment of psychosocial status and needs of the patient
  • MSW tackles the impediment- emotional, psycho-social, financial aspect of the patient to achieve the implementation of the care plan
  • Coordinates the different community resources available to meet the needs of the patient.

Certified Home Health Aide

  • Performs/assist the patient in personal care and hygiene such as bathing, grooming, dressing, skin care and oral care